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Massive Server 2 Changes
« on: July 24, 2017, 10:58:12 PM »
Due to all servers being really dead, and a bunch of other issues I have decided it's time for a redo of Server 2.
This will change a lot, hopefully for the better; but it will mean issues for some.

The following changes will take effect:

Going through staff
Spoiler: show
This means me looking over every person currently staff on server 2 and warning inactives, and unfortunately demoting some; this will affect all positions apart from Supreme Leader, Council, Head Admin,
 and Server Administration - Senior staff however will recieve additional warnings. This will change a lot,
 and unfortunately I have a feeling more than a few members will be demoted; which is why I want you to keep in mind that this is nothing personal, nor you doing anything wrong, but rather Server 2 needing active staff and a reduced staff to player ratio.

Adding/removing addons
Spoiler: show
I will remove more than a few addons, and add a few new; most importantly M9K will be removed.

Adding/removing ranks
Spoiler: show
I will remove a lot of ranks, due to us simply having too many ranks, and reserve the ability of custom ranks for everyone apart from Supreme Leader and Staff Advisor (Including myself).

Adding/removing rules
Spoiler: show
I will possibly remove a few player rules, and maybe add a few new, possibly no changes.

Adding/removing staff rules
Spoiler: show
I will be adding a lot of staff behaviour expectations and rules regarding staff.

Editing application template and guide
Spoiler: show
Quite simply I will redo the current guides and application templates to make them more comprehensive and useful

Editing punishment guide
Spoiler: show
I will redo the Punishment Guide in regards to new rules and expectations aswell as make it shorter and more definitive. (Meaning that it is no longer just suggestions)

Lower tolerance
Spoiler: show
Very simply I will need to have a lower tolerance on the staff, which means I will be implementing
 a three strike system. A strike will be given every time a staff member is "convicted" of abuse, rule breaking or exceedingly ignoring expectations. First strike means a warning, second strike includes a meeting with me (RobbeJK) on how to solve the issue, information of reprecussions, and reduced access, third strike means a meeting with me and potentially other staff, which will either lead to demotion of as low as one rank, or as far as to full demotion, down to "User". Please note that recieving three strikes is highly unlikely, and most importantly that I do not want to demote anyone, but this may become necessary.

Staff-on-staff reporting
Spoiler: show
This is directly related to the three strike system. In essence it means that if you see another staff member abusing or breaking rules you are obligated to immediately inform me so I can resolve the issue and potentially issue warnings. I know reporting your friends is nothing you want to do, nor is me having to deal with it; but it is necessary. To make this a bit easier the only person who will know about the person who reported is me, and if he needs to know Zyker. I will inform nobody else about this, including other senior staff such as Sebbe or Fish.

Potential staff meetings
Spoiler: show
This one has not been decided yet, but if I get my way there will be non-voluntary staff meetings every month, preferably twice a month during the weekends. If you cannot attend for an actual reason that is fine, but if you simply skip without a valid reason or just don't feel like it, a strike will be handed out. This is not me looking for ways to punish staff, but rather ensuring that all staff know what is going on, and given the ability to voice any concerns (Urgent concerns should of course be voicedasap to senior admins, preferably myself). Also please note that the meetings will need to be more organised, and I will choose somebody who will hold and manage them; and most importantly one person has the word at the time; if anybody else is speaking let them finish, and then wait for your turn to respond to it.

This will take me a lot of time, and any of you who wish to help are free to ask, but I may deny, as a few of these things I know will piss a few people off, and I simply do not wish to argue whilst putting these changes in effect, you are permitted to voice any concerns with this, or issues; but this quite frankly is not democratic, and is as of right now final.
This is all for now, but finally I would like to make it clear; I do not want to punish any staff members, and I am quite confident that you all can manage to follow all of this very well and most of you will never recieve a single strike, but I am sure that you understand just as well as I do that this is necessary if we wish to become a functioning community again.
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