Author Topic: So you want to be OldschoolMC staff?  (Read 144 times)


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So you want to be OldschoolMC staff?
« on: July 18, 2017, 02:47:09 PM »
This is GREAT! We almost always need new staff.

NOTE: This application is temporary and thus subject to change unless otherwise noted.

To start off, you will need a forum account. Please create one. Our acceptance process is often flawed due to a massive influx of bot accounts, so an email to us using the email you registered with and including your forum name is always appreciated. Please find the appropriate address in one of the pinned announcements.

Once you have your forum account, there are a few things to know when making your application.

Title the submission appropriately and with your name.

Include key details like

In game name

Past experiences (Ones we can contact are GREAT)

Why you are good for this job

Additional details could include


Thank you for applying. We hope to see you moderating soon on our servers!
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