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I thought it would be nice to make some few quick notes on what was discussed today.

Staff rules

Most guidelines are in here:
I suggest we keep polishing this list if we feel the need to do so.

Staff count

Everybody agreed that the staff numbers are growing rapidly. Opinions differ on what to do, I suggest a poll or follow up with some more high rank staff members (Zyker and F15H were missing after all)
The main issue with it is that some hours are crowded with 4+ staff members while other hours completely lack staff.

Ranks across different servers

The main question here is, what will we do with this. No consensus was met in this meeting. Most people agreed (I didn't hear/read any objections) that having at least a few rights (slay/kick) should be allowed.

Server naming

I made a post with my opinion on this subject earlier this month. Some actions have been taken but I do think this is still a work in progress.

addon/texture list

Not much to tell about this part, just a general suggestion to add a addon and/or texture list link to the MotD of our servers. TwoOfFive's list (Ampera)

These were the points I took note of, if I missed any please comment
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Re: STAFF MEETING 19 march 2017 NOTES
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Ok thanks, and ps, we have already agreed that admins on server 1/2 will not have any power on the opposite server, this is so to let others have a chance to become an admin and share the experience, as for the cap, well me and zyker have already discussed a solution to that problem, each month/2weeks, we will round off all the applications and then  choose who is best and pick that way, my new system completely solves this by putting a cap on the amount of admins, whenever a user what's to become an admin they say which place and a random player in that category will fight for his position, this would also solve the activity of admins and showing that they're still on and such