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Because RobbeJK is away for the week, I will be making the forum post with the official poll.

As for the voting, everyone, from both servers are allowed to vote, including the candidates themself. However, you may not vote for yourself. You are to vote for 3 candidates total. The winners will be announced when RobbeJK comes back home this sunday. (Note that the senate will be re-elected each month)

Announcements / Join by admin approval has now been discontinued.
« on: July 28, 2017, 10:03:41 AM »
I have managed to clean up most of the rouge IPs, so now the inconvenience of the admin approval system is now gone. You can register through Steam or by an account with us.

Thank you for playing on the Oldschool platorm.



OldschoolPH #1 Staff Applications / So you want to be Prophunt staff?
« on: July 18, 2017, 02:53:36 PM »
This is spectacular! We're almost always looking for new staff on our servers.

NOTE: This application is temporary, and thus subject to change unless otherwise noted.

To start off with, you will need a forum account. Please register. In order to combat hundreds of bot accounts a week, we have a join upon acceptance system that can result in your account being mistaken for spam, so sending us an email confirming your wish to join helps a bunch. Find the address in one of the pinned announcements.

Now once you have made a forum account, create a forum topic here titled appropriately and with your name.

Now, include some key details like:

Your Steam ID/account

Past experiences(ones we can contact are awesome)

Why you are good for the position

Additional details may include


Thank you for applying. We will attempt to vet you as speedily as possible, and we hope to see you on our servers soon.

This is GREAT! We almost always need new staff.

NOTE: This application is temporary and thus subject to change unless otherwise noted.

To start off, you will need a forum account. Please create one. Our acceptance process is often flawed due to a massive influx of bot accounts, so an email to us using the email you registered with and including your forum name is always appreciated. Please find the appropriate address in one of the pinned announcements.

Once you have your forum account, there are a few things to know when making your application.

Title the submission appropriately and with your name.

Include key details like

In game name

Past experiences (Ones we can contact are GREAT)

Why you are good for this job

Additional details could include


Thank you for applying. We hope to see you moderating soon on our servers!

This is GREAT. We almost always need new staff for our servers.

NOTE: This application is temporary, and thus subject to change unless otherwise noted.

There are a few things to know in order to apply.

You will first require a forum account. These can occasionally be had just by registering, but on occasion we miss some genuine applicants, so an email with your account name and email you registered with will make the process smooth. Please find the appropriate email in one of the pinned announcements.

Now, to apply.

First, create a topic in this section titled appropriately and with your name.

Next, be sure to include key details in your application like:

Steam ID/Account

Past experiences (ones we can contact are great)

Why you are good for the position.

Additional details could include


Thank you for applying. Make sure to check out our second modified TTT server, as well as our servers for other games and gamemodes. We hope to see you moderating on our servers in the future.

OldschoolDR #1 Staff Applications / So you want to be Deathrun staff
« on: July 18, 2017, 02:37:49 PM »
This is GREAT. We almost always need new staff to patrol our servers and keep them in order.

Now, to apply for this position you will need a forum account. This is on an approval process that isn't always accurate, so to ensure that you get in, please email me by using the email in one of the pinned announcements.

So how do you apply?

First off you make a forum post, titled appropriately and with your name.

Next, provide key details in your application. We do not insist on a specific format, but there are some key details you should include, like...

Your steam ID/Account

Your past experiences (ones we can contact are excellent)

Why you are good for this job?

Additional details may include

Age, Name, Methods of contact, etc.

Once your application is posted, it will be vetted. Once accepted you will become a trial moderator, and be trained by a senior moderator. Once your training is complete and your trial period is over, you become a full junior moderator, from which point you can climb the ranks into whatever position you may end up in.

We are almost always happy to have new members, and we hope to see you moderating our servers at some point in the future!

Hello everybody. I am happy to announce that ALL Oldschool servers are operational, and a new Factions/Creative Plots server has launched.

CAC has been removed from all servers due to extreme bugs making the servers inoperable. All SQL errors seem to be rectified.

The new Minecraft server can be found at this IP, or at the list of servers on the home page.

Please report any hacking or abuse of the game to admins. Service should resume normally. Thank you for playing, and we hope to see you on the servers!

OldschoolTTT, and the rest of the Oldschool gamemode platforms like Oldschool Prophunt, and Oldschool Deathrun, have been pretty inactive due to a number of reasons, but myself and the rest of the Oldschool staff are happy to announce that this will be changing. I have listed the current updates and changes that will be happening to the Oldschool gaming platform.

Global changes:
Spoiler: show

There is a new Executive Council introduced into a global position. This council will oversee the smooth operation of all Oldschool servers and serve as the highest council in the organization. There is also now a Global Admin position that gives the same global administrative privileges as the Executive Council, just without rights to vote in council matters.

Staff applications are in the works, and will be finished soon. Each server will have a separate sub-forum in which to apply, with a set application that is the same among all servers, unless a server requires a specific alteration.

Sever 1 changes:
Spoiler: show
Server 1 has been updated to comply with the current staffing system. Dat_Chappie has been appointed the head admin of Server 1. In the event that Server 1 is understaffed, staff from Server 2 may be supplemented to keep the server moderated.

Server 2 changes:
Spoiler: show
Server 2 will be updated to comply with the new staffing system. RobbeJK has returned with most of Expo's staff. RobbeJK has been appointed the lead admin of Server 2, and once the server is fixed, he will begin work on staffing.

Server 3 changes:
Spoiler: show
Server 3 will most likely be getting a switch to a different gamemode, or possible as a second server for another gamemode. This server currently has no lead Admin, and is not updated for the new staffing system.

Deathrun changes:
Spoiler: show
Deathrun will be getting a staff, with a currently undecided lead admin. This is surprisingly one of our most active servers, and will no longer be neglected

Prophunt changes:
Spoiler: show
The new prophunt server has gotten a small selection of maps, and will be getting it's own lead admin and staff. Progress on setting up the server has not yet finished, although it is expected to be one of our most popular servers due to the high amount of random joiners

It has been an awesome few days. The Oldschool staffing community has really started to pull together, and get out of our depression. We hope to not only reach our former peak, but to go above and beyond.

Announcements / Server 2 and Forum Update!
« on: May 11, 2017, 12:40:19 AM »
Wonderful things are in the works for Server 2, and the OldschoolTTT platform in general!

One major thing is that I have archived the old applications board, and I have made two new ones, split for Server 1 and Server 2. Currently Server 2 is the only one set up, since Server 1 does not have a working government, but stay tuned, we hope to have Server 1 back to normal at some point.

The other major update is that all of Server 2's weapons are being replaced with M9K weapons!

What's M9K? It stands for Murderthon 9000, and it's a collection of weapons assembled by INCONCEIVABLE.

Normally they only work for DarkRP and sandbox based gamemodes, but I have found modded versions which are to be used on this server.

Now I mean all weapons with this. The standard CS:S weapons that TTT normally has are being removed entirely, and all modded weapons we have currently are going as well, but do not worry, since we have good replacements for all of them, and there are new weapons being installed too!

While I am talking about this, check out the new spoiler boxes!

Spoiler: show
M16 to be replaced by M4A1 Iron               m9k_m4a1
MAC-10 to be replaced by Uzi               m9k_uzi
Pump Shotgun to be replaced by Mossberg 590      m9k_mossberg590
Shotgun to be replaced by Browning Auto 5      m9k_browningauto5
Rifle to be replaced by M24                  m9k_m24
HUGE 2.4.9 to be replaced by M249 LMG         m9k_m249lmg
Pistol to be replaced by Colt 1911            m9k_colt1911
Glock to be replaced by Glock 18            m9k_glock
Deagle to be replaced by Deagle               m9k_deagle

All other previously included weapons not mentioned here will be discontinued and removed.

Additional weapons, these will spawn randomly.

HK45c            m9k_hk45
Sig P229R         m9k_sig_p229r
S&W 500            m9k_model500
Assault Rifles:
AK47            m9k_ak47
SCAR-H            m9k_scar
FAMAS            m9k_famas
AUG               m9k_auga3
KRISS Vector         m9k_vector
HK MP5            m9k_mp5
FN P90            m9k_smgp90
PP Bizon         m9k_bizonp19
SVD Dragunov      m9k_dragunov
SVT-40            m9k_svt40
Remmington 870      m9k_remington870
Double Barrel      m9k_dbarrel

Now you can hide massive walls of text so it doesn't make the reader try to take theirs eyes out with a sharpened spoon!

Thank you for playing on OldschoolTTT.

Announcements / Status of OldschoolTTT
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:54:13 PM »
This is something that applies for the most part to Server 2.

RobbeJK, the head of the Executive Council, and TomThomson, the head of our Technology Team, have both resigned to form a new server of their own. Many are already aware, and have decided to join them. Those who have decided to leave OldschoolTTT I would like to know. Please contact me by PM, Steam, or by Email @

   [email protected]

This is just something I want to know for management purposes.

There is no bad will or intention for any who leave. While I intensely appreciate any who stay, and those who do shall be treated to a new age for OldschoolTTT.

Robbe has handed me his position. I will lead Server 2, and possibly by extension the name of OldschoolTTT back, and beyond what we had earlier this year.

Many new positions have opened up for those who have decided to stick with us. Stand by in the following days and weeks, I will be revamping the staffing system.

I will try to work with Zyker on what we are going to do with OldschoolTTT.

And there is one, final thing.

Robbe, Tom, thank you for being here for as long as you were. The things you have done for this server are too numerous to list. I can find new staff members, but there are few to none that can match you both.

Announcements / New features!
« on: May 06, 2017, 06:13:48 PM »
There are some neat new features on this forum that you may one to check out!

You can now sign up and log in by Steam! This is more secure as we do not deal in your password or serious account credentials!

You can now @ people! When you do this, this will show up on your profile, in the profile info tab under Mentions.

@sebbe145 @TwoOfFive  @Zyker

The forum now has an automatically detecting mobile site! You no longer have to click on tiny links on your smartphone.

Other features are to come! Improvements already made are things like this new UI, better anti-spam, and some changes to the front page.

Please note that if some of the features aren't working or are intermittent, clear your cache.

Any suggestions? Please PM me, but be aware this system may even change at some point too!

Announcements / I'm cleaning house.
« on: May 04, 2017, 04:03:06 PM »
I have cleaned house completely.

All the spam bots are gone, and it's literally impossible for them to return.

I have placed the requirement for admin approval for anybody to join this forum. I can handle the approvals myself. If you want to join this forum and for some reason I have not approved to within 4 days, please email this address

And to the Indian/Russian spam bots looking at it, it's a masked email, no use spamming it.

[email protected]

Please provide the account name and your IP address (Google what is my IP) and I will help you in.

If for some reason you have been banned by IP or not, please contact the same address with the same information.

This forum is from this point forth the official forum for Oldschool TTT. All applications should be posted here, and all conversation is to be put here. I have solved the bot issue once, and for all.

First, your in the wrong section, I have moved you.

Second, a discrepancy in your story.

Another thing probably a bit off was my response to whoever  I killeds "RDM" report, I  literally inputted a random mix of letters because I was in the middle of a gun fight with some one who killed 2 other people and this fucking stupid report window pops up and you cant get rid of it until you respond. Since i couldn't chat in game I couldn't explain why.

The issue here is that the report window only ever appears when forced to by either an admin or by using the !respond command, or when you die.

I seriously doubt that anybody forced you to respond, so this seems a bit off.

I will check with Robbe and get a statement from him

« on: April 05, 2017, 04:32:30 AM »
I just want to emphasize what everybody here should know, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, CLICK STRANGE LINKS.

What defines strange?

If it's in another language

If the person has an odd YIM account that looks weird on the website

If it's from a non-staff member, or a person you know not to play on the game servers

I shouldn't need to explain this, but just in case, this is a don't fuck yourself over 101

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