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Announcements / Inactivity
« on: April 02, 2017, 10:46:28 AM »
Me and my friend were fucking around on a main road and then i got bit by a car, I'll be inactive for a while, sorry for the inconvenience that has caused
I don't want sympathy I'm not gonna die, I'll just be inactive for a while and thought u guys should know why

OldschoolTTT #1 / Birthday
« on: March 29, 2017, 08:57:31 AM »
Right I'm old as FUCK on this server and the end of march i plan on celebrating my 9 month anniversary but i have no idea what to do,  i actually thought of removing some guns and replacing/modding them with a birthday theme to spice up the game a little bit, maybe add new birthday guns and sav them on the files for others birthdays, not quite sure but I'm thinking

« on: March 26, 2017, 09:05:50 AM »
People, you know the drill by now comment down below and state either council or senate bla bla bla

Announcements / STAFF MEETINGS
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:29:35 PM »
right i need to discuss some important stuff to you guys, so i want to know when you guys are free and we will hold the meeting to the majority of people being free, tried to have one today but that didnt work out that well

Archived Applications / STAFF MEETING
« on: March 17, 2017, 05:22:00 PM »
hey guys i really need to discuss to you a lot of things, for the people who attended last meeting know i talk a lot ad i will do even more talking, i want to have this meeting on sunday around 4-5pm? GMT +00
dont know if u can make it but if you can that will be great because i have ideas that will take place and would be more effective now bus i would like the approval and your thoughts on this idea
also  will talk about the current role i hold on server 2 since there has been multiple complications with that

General Discussion / Trust
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:11:13 PM »
right so the date is 15th march 2017 around 22:00 GMT +0
i was innocently watching youtube-
and then i get  a message off of sebbe saying to stop slapping him when i have been watching yt for an hour
he keeps telling me to stop slapping him yet it wasnt me, since i was watching youtube, he asked me around 5 times to stop yet he got annoyed because the person who was slapping him didnt stop and he thought it was me.
sebbe then changed the password to the panel, still accusing me of doing this, i told him
"yes i like my banter but i would of stopped the 3rd time you asked me" and its true, i like annoying people but i will stop if sebbe asked consecutively over and over again, yet i couldnt because i wasnt doing it, i dont know who it was
This display of the amount of lack of trust sebbe had for me then was little, we were mates earlier that day and were laughing about fails and more, then he acted like a jerk accusing me and not trusting me,
me and sebbe go back around 4 months....... roughly and he has little trust for me, if we have this amongst the high admins this wont be healthy for the server, there was no other problems than trust, i dont mind that he changed the password, but its the lack of trust that appalled me

and i like sebbe, as a friend and have nothing wrong with him btw for those who might try to connect that with me not liking him *cough* ampera *cough*

Announcements / New government fo server one
« on: March 12, 2017, 09:08:11 PM »
righty`o so folks as you probably all know i absolutely hate the current government rules so i asked zyker to give me a chance to change it and here is what i came up with;
Zyker, the leader are the root of the tree, then it sprouts off to the trunk(me, Seal and Diablo) and we split of into a set of admins(exec council) and they control a group of admins(senators) that are set to do a specific thing/job. and each new mod/admin chooses which branch he wants to follow and joins as a leaf
and each branch(exec council) has admins that specialise in different aspects, what these are ,are currently unknown and variable so each person has a job and it also sets a maximum of admins at once, which we also talked about in the meeting so it solves a lot of problems
 and different branches will have different cmds necessary to fit their role
 so some branches will have the manage groups rule and others wont

BTW this was sent to Zyker so it may sound weird to read, just read it as you are Zyker and it might make more sense
oh and yes i am aware of me splitting my power between three people, but i trust them loads and wouldn't mind either one of us running the server by ourselves, hope u like my idea and vote for it to be implemented

Staff Complaints / Today were talking about trust
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:50:00 PM »
Right cunts here is what i have to say about a couple certain staff member who will not be named(im not that harsh) but has quite promptly provoked me to post this - report -P.S you will probably guess who it is
First thing is first, if a member of staff is given control of a certain area of a server- lets say addons for random purposes
That power shall not be removed from that individual unless they are either;
abusing and hence forth demoted
being voted off - this would require a 95% of staff
or finally, Retiring or giving that power to someone else
If that individual with the power to control the addons - lets call him Aidan
if Aidan is told to keep an eye on the amount of addons on server 2 - and told to try and remove a few instead of add them.
If then a quite big addon gets uploaded to the server he then should have the power to delete that addon by his command and permissions, unless he has done one of the above and lost that power he can remove it without anyone's permission, because he was set that duty to watch over the addons by the server owner.
Hence forth to these rules being in check and his commands and permissions him being approached (virtually)
by a person, lets call this guy, Sebastian.
Stating that he doesnt have all the power in the world and cant just do that without his permission or the permission of the senate, but however Sebastian doesnt know that aiden has the powers that were given to him by the owner of the server.
Aidan already runs server 1 with a guy called kyle, so sebastian calls aidan biased and power-hungry and that all he wants to do is have complete control over both the servers and that server 1 just isnt enough for him
Sebastian states that aidan doesnt have enough power on server 2 to do what he has done(delete the addon) because Sebastian really liked these addons, they were fun and helpful to sebastian, however aiden told sebastian, that of course he would want these new commands, why wouldnt he want more commands to play and mess around with? this would include the senate.
Aidan told sebastian that he couldnt have these addons and they needed to remove addons and commands, not add more of them. aidan told him that there is a balance between addons and that you have to have a fair balance, Sebastian was full with rage and annoyance, he lashed out at aidan, trying to overcome him and show him who is boss, aidan sat there calmly and told sebastian to take a step back, take a 5 minute breather and look at the situation from another angle, Sebastian refused promptly to this request and threw the idea to the back of his head, The argument battled and raged on for around 20 minutes, about certain topics varying and varying,
In the end aidan tried to give sebastian a hug, and another after the other, sebastian threw these hugs down to die, and replied wth a quick, precise and prompt "fuck off", aidan forgave seastian and understood why he was angry and confused, aidan tried to give sebastian more hugs but they got met with the cold, old fashioned "fuck off" from sebastian, sebastian was mean and full with rage, he called aidan stupid, retarded, and power-hungry, with a side of biased
Aidan refused these accusations with ease and gave sufficient evidence to prove his decisions and why he chose the side he had, he gave him a prompt example of power, reputation, and decisions made by aidan
After Aidan went out to do something of leisure, sebastian had been bitching about aidan behind his back, after aidan had tried to make peace between them, hence forth my conclusions

If you havent read my steam profile it says "if you have a problem with me, deal with it"
so, you probably guessed who aidan, sebastian and kyle were
and the key source of this server is democracy, so i will listen to the people
if you have a problem with me, either fucking deal with it and dont blame me for it because i wouldnt know
or u fucking tell me and talk to me about it
sorry for the big ass story

« on: March 04, 2017, 04:19:51 PM »
new senators for the new month of march

« on: March 04, 2017, 04:15:49 PM »
hye guys as standard each month we change around our council and senators

« on: February 27, 2017, 08:14:46 AM »
Hey cunts
As we all know we re-elect our council and senators each month (we shall not be doing this on server 1 since we have only just got our admins, so it shall be held through the middle of march)
If you would like to be apart of the council, or senators  please comment down below and state which role you shall wish to acquire or resume holding, I shall give you a week

Announcements / Problems
« on: February 26, 2017, 07:26:12 PM »
Right now there is a problem going on with the server , the ULX logecho is set to 0, this would mean that commands will not work from the custom/extended section, this can cause a lot of problems because the new commands are quite useful and interesting
im not amazing at this stuff so i have no idea what ULX logecho is and how to set it to 1 instead of 0, i googled it and couldnt understand it and didnt want to crash the server, i restarted it, checked for new updates, and it fixed it for a short time, and now i have recently discovered that it has fallen short again

Announcements / Admin/Moderator re-aplication
« on: February 18, 2017, 02:00:53 PM »
Every single admin that's doesn't have an application on this website, or on the steam group
Website is more preferable will be stripped of their ranking seeing as we need order and this is the best way to do this
I will demote everyone on server 1(my baby xD) but not on server 2 where I fear most of the action is going badly, it won't matter who promoted them without an application, me, the council, zyker
I have to admit I have done this once (speko) who will also be demote spoke everyone else, and ones from the council

General Discussion / Sebbe145
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:49:12 PM »
it has come to my attention that Sebbe has been "mis-using" his powers
This has only come to my attention earlier today.
Seal found a way to get into the sky-box on rooftops_2016_v2, he then shared this with me
we didn't need a jet pack or any other tool to use this way and was available to everyone
As soon as seal entered this sky-box he got slain by sebbe, and i re-spawned him,
sebbe gave the reasoning of it delays the round, and in no circumstances did it delay the round apart from a couple times, this was manageable.
Sebbe then used his misguided power to revoke access to respawn people to senators mainly because i would respawn seal every time sebbe slayed him for going into the sky box,
The ss for this are here;

He has also been using the term "all" for a lot of voting shit that i had the power to see and it was "apparently" slipped passed my seeing, he has used the term a lot in the past games
We have "all" decided to Nerf senators
We have "all" decided to revoke access to targeting council members from senators
We have "all" decided to not allow exploitation's to maps(sky-box)
I do not however have the evidence or some ss to support my case in this field but however when i went to ask people in the council if these votes actually took hold and if they got a say in them they replied negatively,
and most of this was conceived over voice chat in-game
This is sebbe`s 2/3 warning for being banned to be senator or council - He is personally my friend but i do still come forward if my friends abuse, this wasn't friendly banter abooose like usual, but however you could feel tension on the server, it was wildly crowded at the time ad i have multiple witnesses
ozzy - think
and others

Announcements / NEW COUNCIL POLL
« on: January 29, 2017, 04:28:35 PM »
we have a total of 6 different candidates that are willing to be a council member!!
Wich three of these lucky people do YOU want to be in our council for the following month

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