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Announcements / MOVED: Birthday
« on: March 29, 2017, 06:16:57 PM »

Announcements / MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding The Senate of server 2!
« on: March 27, 2017, 11:33:38 PM »
At this moment we're looking for FOUR new senators to join The Senate on our second server, the one with additional weapons, addons and items.
The Senate is the most powerful institution of the entire server, and to make a long story short they are pretty much the de facto server owner, as they make all the important decisions regarding the server, how it should operate, and where it should be taken in the future as it evolves further.
If you choose to stand in an election and then get elected by the players you will be working with your fellow senators on improving the server, aswell as having the ability to boast about your sweet rank and priviledges.

There aren't many servers where certain players get to make the decisions instead of a nazi server owner, so you'll be one of the few players in the world helping to democratically run a server. (I believe this is actually the only democratically ruled TTT server, perhaps even the only democratic game server there is, as I've never heard of anyone else actually implementing this idea)

APPLY HERE, and make sure you remember that you can stand in several elections at a time. Right now four seats are up for election, which means that you may apply to all of them, thereby drastically increasing your chances to win (no person can win several senate seats at a time, you must choose which one to fill if you win several elections)

To demonstrate the power you have over the server as a Senator, I'll give an example here.
You only need two other senators to agree with you for a resolution to pass, and unless it's vetoed by atleast 2 members of the Executive Council it shall have the FULL FORCE OF LAW. This means that whatever the resolution says, must be done. The practical execution of such a resolution is a sole responsibility of the executive council, so the senators won't even have to do the work of implementing said resolution. It's pretty chill to say the least  ;D

A Senate Resolution may be as simple as adding or removing a map, addon or item, or something more advanced such as changing the rules of the server, or, in actuality, anything at all that the senate deems necessary for the well being and prosperity of the server. As long as it is not vetoed by the council it shall take effect.

Good luck in the elections, and I look forward to letting my server be ruled for, by, and of the players. And if you win an election, bring all your best ideas with you. So that we can make the server great again! xd

PS: We also need a new President of The Senate, whoever gets this rank will wield extraordinary power and influence both internally within The Senate aswell as in other areas of the server. The President is elected by the 5 senators when all seats have been filled. The President is the most exclusive rank on the entire server, and also the most difficult one to attain.

Announcements / MEETING TOMORROW!!!
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:27:39 PM »
As previously mentioned by Don there will be a meeting tomorrow! Make sure you and as many other staff members you know show up on discord. Preferrably 14:00 GMT+0 but since most people are lazy I bet we'll probably have to postpone it by a few hours until around 17:00 or so..

Show up! or else your rank might be in danger :p

Discord Channel:

EDIT: For all those that can't make it that's fine, we're going to need to have meetings like this more often instead of assuming that everyone can show up at once and learn everything they need to learn.
we'll try to have a meeting today, but we might also hold a meeting tomorrow and perhaps sometime next week.. we'll see!

Announcements / Candidates for the first senate election in February
« on: January 31, 2017, 05:04:03 PM »
This election will likely be held during the first week of february.
All players who wishes to may apply, including current Representatives (the House may be dissolved later and we'll switch over to only the senate, so I recommend you apply here if you're a Rep).
We will add 3 new senators in this election, while the two current Senators (F15H and Seal) may continue serving if they wish to do so.

Post in this thread if you wish to be a candidate for the upcoming Senate election!

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