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[May 07, 2017, 08:43:49 PM]

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May 06, 2017, 05:13:48 PM by TwoOfFive | Views: 152 | Comments: 0

There are some neat new features on this forum that you may one to check out!

You can now sign up and log in by Steam! This is more secure as we do not deal in your password or serious account credentials!

You can now @ people! When you do this, this will show up on your profile, in the profile info tab under Mentions.

@sebbe145 @TwoOfFive  @Zyker

The forum now has an automatically detecting mobile site! You no longer have to click on tiny links on your smartphone.

Other features are to come! Improvements already made are things like this new UI, better anti-spam, and some changes to the front page.

Please note that if some of the features aren't working or are intermittent, clear your cache.

Any suggestions? Please PM me, but be aware this system may even change at some point too!
May 04, 2017, 03:03:06 PM by TwoOfFive | Views: 169 | Comments: 0

I have cleaned house completely.

All the spam bots are gone, and it's literally impossible for them to return.

I have placed the requirement for admin approval for anybody to join this forum. I can handle the approvals myself. If you want to join this forum and for some reason I have not approved to within 4 days, please email this address

And to the Indian/Russian spam bots looking at it, it's a masked email, no use spamming it.

[email protected]

Please provide the account name and your IP address (Google what is my IP) and I will help you in.

If for some reason you have been banned by IP or not, please contact the same address with the same information.

This forum is from this point forth the official forum for Oldschool TTT. All applications should be posted here, and all conversation is to be put here. I have solved the bot issue once, and for all.
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