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June 27, 2017, 10:47:52 PM by TwoOfFive | Views: 117 | Comments: 0

OldschoolTTT, and the rest of the Oldschool gamemode platforms like Oldschool Prophunt, and Oldschool Deathrun, have been pretty inactive due to a number of reasons, but myself and the rest of the Oldschool staff are happy to announce that this will be changing. I have listed the current updates and changes that will be happening to the Oldschool gaming platform.

Global changes:
Spoiler: show

There is a new Executive Council introduced into a global position. This council will oversee the smooth operation of all Oldschool servers and serve as the highest council in the organization. There is also now a Global Admin position that gives the same global administrative privileges as the Executive Council, just without rights to vote in council matters.

Staff applications are in the works, and will be finished soon. Each server will have a separate sub-forum in which to apply, with a set application that is the same among all servers, unless a server requires a specific alteration.

Sever 1 changes:
Spoiler: show
Server 1 has been updated to comply with the current staffing system. Dat_Chappie has been appointed the head admin of Server 1. In the event that Server 1 is understaffed, staff from Server 2 may be supplemented to keep the server moderated.

Server 2 changes:
Spoiler: show
Server 2 will be updated to comply with the new staffing system. RobbeJK has returned with most of Expo's staff. RobbeJK has been appointed the lead admin of Server 2, and once the server is fixed, he will begin work on staffing.

Server 3 changes:
Spoiler: show
Server 3 will most likely be getting a switch to a different gamemode, or possible as a second server for another gamemode. This server currently has no lead Admin, and is not updated for the new staffing system.

Deathrun changes:
Spoiler: show
Deathrun will be getting a staff, with a currently undecided lead admin. This is surprisingly one of our most active servers, and will no longer be neglected

Prophunt changes:
Spoiler: show
The new prophunt server has gotten a small selection of maps, and will be getting it's own lead admin and staff. Progress on setting up the server has not yet finished, although it is expected to be one of our most popular servers due to the high amount of random joiners

It has been an awesome few days. The Oldschool staffing community has really started to pull together, and get out of our depression. We hope to not only reach our former peak, but to go above and beyond.
May 11, 2017, 12:40:19 AM by TwoOfFive | Views: 291 | Comments: 0

Wonderful things are in the works for Server 2, and the OldschoolTTT platform in general!

One major thing is that I have archived the old applications board, and I have made two new ones, split for Server 1 and Server 2. Currently Server 2 is the only one set up, since Server 1 does not have a working government, but stay tuned, we hope to have Server 1 back to normal at some point.

The other major update is that all of Server 2's weapons are being replaced with M9K weapons!

What's M9K? It stands for Murderthon 9000, and it's a collection of weapons assembled by INCONCEIVABLE.

Normally they only work for DarkRP and sandbox based gamemodes, but I have found modded versions which are to be used on this server.

Now I mean all weapons with this. The standard CS:S weapons that TTT normally has are being removed entirely, and all modded weapons we have currently are going as well, but do not worry, since we have good replacements for all of them, and there are new weapons being installed too!

While I am talking about this, check out the new spoiler boxes!

Spoiler: show
M16 to be replaced by M4A1 Iron               m9k_m4a1
MAC-10 to be replaced by Uzi               m9k_uzi
Pump Shotgun to be replaced by Mossberg 590      m9k_mossberg590
Shotgun to be replaced by Browning Auto 5      m9k_browningauto5
Rifle to be replaced by M24                  m9k_m24
HUGE 2.4.9 to be replaced by M249 LMG         m9k_m249lmg
Pistol to be replaced by Colt 1911            m9k_colt1911
Glock to be replaced by Glock 18            m9k_glock
Deagle to be replaced by Deagle               m9k_deagle

All other previously included weapons not mentioned here will be discontinued and removed.

Additional weapons, these will spawn randomly.

HK45c            m9k_hk45
Sig P229R         m9k_sig_p229r
S&W 500            m9k_model500
Assault Rifles:
AK47            m9k_ak47
SCAR-H            m9k_scar
FAMAS            m9k_famas
AUG               m9k_auga3
KRISS Vector         m9k_vector
HK MP5            m9k_mp5
FN P90            m9k_smgp90
PP Bizon         m9k_bizonp19
SVD Dragunov      m9k_dragunov
SVT-40            m9k_svt40
Remmington 870      m9k_remington870
Double Barrel      m9k_dbarrel

Now you can hide massive walls of text so it doesn't make the reader try to take theirs eyes out with a sharpened spoon!

Thank you for playing on OldschoolTTT.
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